I received this suggestion on [tag]fastpitch drills[/tag] from Jim. Fastpitch drills
Start with your player facing some sort of soft backstop that a whiffle ball can be hit against.  

The [tag]softball[/tag] coach should stand an arms length beyond the hitters swing area, facing the hitter, and slightly ahead of the hitter.  

The [tag]coach[/tag] then should hold the ball above shoulder height over the hitters swing area and when ready drop the ball. The hitter then tries to hit the ball.   The amount of time involved to make contact is approximately the same as the amount of time the hitter has to decided on whether or not to swing at a pitched ball, and complete the swing.  

If the hitter cannot hit the dropped ball in this [tag]drill[/tag], she will not catch up with a [tag]fastpitched softball[/tag] either.