Mel suggested this idea for a [tag]fastpitch pitching drill[/tag] and  I’ve included it for you below.

Fastpitch Pitching Drills

In fastpitch, I’ve heard many [tag]softball[/tag] coaches tell new pitchers to take an easy or short stride off the [tag]pitching[/tag] rubber when learning to pitch.  The theory is, as they’re learning to pitch the easy or short stride it will make it easy for them to get control and thus get the ball over the plate.
I used to buy into this theory until I started teaching fastpitch pitching.  I did some research on the subject and one of the things I learned about teaching fastpitch pitching is this…

Have the pitcher learn to explode hard off the pitching rubber first.  Once the pitcher learns to explode hard off the pitching rubber the pitcher can now start to work on her control on the particular pitch he or she is working on. 

If the pitcher learns control first, then to explode hard off the pitching rubber, the pitcher will struggle with control when learning to explode hard off the pitching rubber.


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