Looking for [tag]fastpitch softball hitting drills[/tag]?   Try these sent in by Jason with your team tonight.Fastpitch Softball Hitting Drills

Hi-Lo Toss-
2 softballs soft tossed from the side to the batter. When balls are thrown, the [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag] calls out Hi or Low. [tag]Batter[/tag] then locates and hits the correct ball (develops good listening skills, focus and hand eye coordination).

Hitting Progression-
Batter hits off a “T”.   Coach places a basketball (slightly deflated) on T, then volley ball (slightly deflated), then softball, then baseball, then golf ball (need to add small funnel to support ball) then soft toss popcorn kernels.   The bigger balls develops [tag]hitting[/tag] strength through the zone.   As the batter works his/her way through the progression he/she will develop hand-eye coordination and quick hands.