I was at [tag]fastpitch softball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] last night and used this [tag]drill[/tag] that Steve sent to me.   Very effective and the players loved it.  Fastpitch Softball Coaching Tips

From Steve…
Throw them out [tag]softball[/tag] drill:

Center fielder, first baseman, [tag]catcher[/tag] and third baseman. All other players line-up behind each position to rotate. Fly ball is hit to the center fielder who is to throw the ball home. The first baseman assumes the cut-off position and the catcher has to be vocal on lining her up and if they want the ball to be cut-off. The [tag]throw[/tag] is either cut-off and thrown home or to third or the throw goes through to the catcher. The catcher than throws to the third baseman.

Once the [tag]center fielder[/tag] catches the ball, she rotates to the first baseman line. First baseman goes to catcher, catcher moves to third base, third base moves to center field.

This is a good drill on teaching the fundamentals of [tag]catching[/tag] fly balls, lining up the cut-off and having accurate throws. By rotating positions, each player gets to understand the role of that position and keeps them moving.