Ryker, one of my subscribers,   came up with some great suggestions for [tag]free girls softball drills[/tag].   Keep ‘em coming!Free Girls Softball Drills

A quick [tag]defensive softball drill[/tag] that we’ve been doing hits on a lot of areas (quick,accurate throws, good exchange from glove to throwing hand, and fitness) during pre-season workouts.   It’s called “Follow your Throw“.   It starts like this:   a player is on each base with the balance of the team in a single file line in shallow left field.

The [tag]softball coach[/tag] hits (or pitching machine sends) either a grounder or fly ball out to the first girl in line in shallow left. She stays in front of the ball and uses her “helper hand” to secure the catch and then quickly and accurately fires to 3rd…..she then “follows her throw” by sprinting to 3rd to be the next player at 3rd.

Meanwhile the girl at 3rd fires to 2nd and then sprints to 2nd.   The player at 2nd fires to first and then sprints to 1st.   First base quickly and accurately throws home.   She then sprints to the plate area.
Finally the girl at home catches the ball and tosses it in the bucket next to coach and sprints in foul ground to the back of the line in shallow left.

When focusing on throwing accuracy, only one [tag]softball[/tag] is being sent around the diamond.   Once they’ve mastered the drill, speed up the pace by sending another ball out to left once the proceeding ball makes it to 2nd.   This becomes a multi-tasking way to condition your team rather than running “boring” wind sprints.