In order to improve your pitcher’s skills you will need an excellent series of drills to run at each and every practice.   We use the following free girls softball fastpitch drills every time we get together to make sure our pitchers are warmed up and ready to throw strike after strike.Free Girls Softball Fastpitch Drills

When looking for [tag]free girls softball fastpitch drills[/tag], you want a set of [tag]drills[/tag] that cements the fundamentals of [tag]pitching[/tag] while pushing your [tag]pitcher[/tag] to achieve a new standard of speed and precision.   For the first girls [tag]pitching drill[/tag], have your pitchers stand in a line next to a wall or fence with their pitching arm in.   Their feet should be angled approximately 45 degrees from the wall, and they should be standing anywhere from 4 to 6 inches away from it.

Each girl is to go through all the motions of whichever pitch they prefer, the slingshot or the windmill, or they may practice both.   By practicing beside the wall I find my girls to be less likely to drop their shoulders and lapse into the swooping motion that can be damaging come game time.

The next of the free girls [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]fastpitch[/tag] drills can be performed either with a catcher or against a backstop, whichever is easier.   This drill is all about pitching from a distance and working on improving throws from afar.

The pitcher starts with a bucket of balls at her side standing at her usual pitching spot.   She is to throw a ball with the goal of crossing the plate.   If she is successful, she moves back 5 feet (or one giant step) and throws another.   For every successful throw over the plate she moves back until she can no longer throw over the plate.   The best aspect of this [tag]drill[/tag] is that pitchers will notice an improvement on their distance throwing skills after only a few short weeks of practice.