I received these suggestions on [tag]free girls softball practices drills[/tag] from John and from Rik.   Give these a try with your teams.Free Girls Softball Practices Drills

From John…
I like to use a [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag] called “cross“.   Have players divide themselves at the four bases.   One [tag]softball[/tag] is thrown from position to position.   The order goes, home to second, to first to third to home.
After each throw is made the player follows the throw to the next base.   The drill is completed when the first girl has finshed at home plate with the ball.

A variation on this drill is to have the girls throw one hoppers to each of the bases.

From Rik…
A good, fun [tag]softball drill[/tag]: Line up 2 lines at home plate. One line runs to first   around the bases, the other line runs to third around the bases. It’s a race between the 2 lines. As soon as one person crosses the plate the next kid goes. Teaches them base running. Good practice ender.