Thanks to all of my subscribers who responded to my request last week to send in favorite [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag].  Check out these [tag]free softball drills[/tag] below (very creative!).

From Dean…
This is a simple and fun [tag]softball drill[/tag] called “Around the Horn”.  Put an equal number of girls at home, third, second and first.  Have the first girl at home throw to third and follow her throw. The girl at third catches the [tag]softball[/tag] and gets her glove in the dirt to simulate a tag.  She then throws to second and follows her throw there and gets in line behind the remaining girls there.  The girl at second, catches the ball, makes the tag and then throws to first, following her throw there, etc,etc.Free Softball Drills

The idea is to make good throws, get gloves in the dirt immediately to simulate a tag and then run to the base you just threw to.  In order to mix it up, reverse the direction of throwing occasionally.

From Wendy…
We do a fun game after [tag]softball practice[/tag] or right before.  I will put a beach ball on a T and the kids hit it and do kind of a scrimmage.  Also, they get to practice running the bases and throwing the bat at the beach towel (zone) I have placed on the ground.  This makes it fun for them and they get to practice some essential learning techniques in the process.

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