Special thanks to Shawn and to Kristi for sending these in. If you’re ever looking for [tag]free softball drills[/tag] and [tag]softball coaching tips[/tag] you should try these out!Free Softball Drills for Youth

From Shawn…
Here is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] we use with our team. We played a version of tag the other day that taught both base running and tagging properly with the ball.

I had 2 “its”. 1 protected 1st and 2nd while the other protected 2nd & 3rd. They had to start close to the pitcher’s mound. The rest of the kids got on 1st base and we sent them 1 at a time to 2nd. They had to stay in the baseline. If they made it to 2nd, they got to try for 3rd.

It was a little disorganized at first because this was the 1st time my kids were introduced to baserunning and tagging with the ball. With only a total of 4 [tag]softball[/tag] practices before we play, I am having to try to be creative in getting as much info into the practices as possible and this seemed to work.

From Kristi…
This is a Tip:
I see this all the time–bags just thrown around, helmets, gloves, batting gloves just laying all over. My practice starts at 5:30, meaning they are in the circle getting ready to stretch. They have to be there in time to have their bags hung up, bats out, helmets lined up etc.

Everything needs to be ready for anything. They don’t get to dig through their bag for anything; it all needs to be out. This saves time in the end, [tag]softball drills[/tag] aren’t delayed because someone forgot something.