Looking for [tag]free softball drills for youth[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out this idea below from Ron and let me know how it goes for you.Free Softball Drills for Youth

From R…
Here is one of our coaches and players’ favorite [tag]drills[/tag], use it with [tag]softball[/tag] or baseball. I call it the 7-minute drill.

Break your team into 3 groups. One group hits and the other 2 groups are in the field.
Only nine players on defense at a time.
I have a coach as a pitcher with all other positions filled by players.
For seven minutes each team hits.
After 3 outs we clear the bases, but don’t switch teams until the seven minutes are up.
The hitting team scores 1 point for each base the batter/runner and runners reach.

It is a full “go” [tag]scrimmage[/tag] situation. Coaches can stop the clock to cover the game situations that naturally occur or that need to be reviewed or they can wait until the 21 minute session is over.

The beauty of the [tag]drill[/tag] is:
1. All kinds of game situations come up;
2. After 7 minutes of hitting and base runners your players tongues will be dragging;
3. It is highly competitive so it simulates real time and games;
4. Players enjoy the drill.

We usually run this drill at the end of [tag]practice[/tag], with the winning team not having to put the field to rest or put away equipment.