Looking for [tag]free softball drills[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out these free softball drills sent in by Roger and Bob.Free Softball Drills

From Roger– Sliding Drill

Here you go.
I have a [tag]softball[/tag] player stand in between two cones about ten feet apart. The player breaks down and I roll a ball towards the player off to one side and the player has to slide over and get in front of the ball. The player must then get the ball back to the [tag]coach[/tag]. As the ball gets to the player I throw a second ball to the other side of the player and they have to [tag]slide[/tag] over in front of this ball and pop up and make a good throw back to the coach.

From Bob–Hitting Drill

Here is something that we’ve done that works really well for my coaches and I.   As part of the pre-game [tag]hitting[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag]for our teams, we incorporate dry lima beans (yeah, lima beans) as an object to hit.   We usually give the kids 12-15 swings at ‘pitched’ beans.   The coach stands 10-12 feet in front of the hitter and throws the beans under hand at something less than half the speed of a regular pitch.   The kids get huge satisfaction out of making contact because the beans just explode when they’re hit hard (I advise coaches to wear sunglasses to protect from bean fragments!)