Are your practices devolving into a monotonous routine that has your players yawning more often than hustling?   Add a little bit of variety to your next practice by including one of the following free softball drills.Free Softball Drills

While hitting drills can become tedious, they are an essential part of achieving and maintaining a pitch perfect swing. When looking for [tag]free softball drills[/tag] to improve your team’s [tag]hitting[/tag] skills, look for [tag]drills[/tag] that will reinforce the fundamentals of hitting while challenging your players to swing in new ways.

The first hitting [tag]drill[/tag] aims to make sure your players deliver a solid swing each time they reach the plate.   It will require a plastic orange cone, a ball, and a piece of thick rope that is at least 36 inches long.   Tape the ends of the rope with some duct tape to prevent them from fraying.

To begin, balance the ball atop the cone.   The player is to swing at the ball using the rope as opposed to a bat.   With the right combination of concentration, stride and hand positioning they should be able to deliver a perfect [tag]swing[/tag].   On the end of the follow though, make sure to warn the players to release their top hand from the rope to ensure they don’t hit themselves in the back with it.

The next of the free [tag]softball[/tag] drills focusing on improving your team’s hitting skills requires a backstop and a bucket.   For this drill your players will be working in partners.   One player is the [tag]batter[/tag] while the other drops balls straight into the batter’s strike zone for the batter to hit.   Make sure the balls are dropped at different speeds and times so that the batter has to keep their eye constantly on the ball.   Also the batter is not permitted to move once the ball is dropped, adding to the challenge of keeping reaction times fast enough to connect.