I get so many requests for [tag]free softball fast pitch drills[/tag].   Here are a couple of tips that worked well for me in the past.   Try them with your team and notice the improvements.Free Softball Fast Pitch Drills

This idea was shown to me by a fast pitch [tag]softball coach[/tag]. It is designed to train the batter to concentrate on the ball. On each open area of the ball write a different number, alternating black and red. Now when the batter is swinging the bat he or she should be concentrating on the [tag]softball[/tag]. Ask the batter to say what color is being hit.

After time the batter’s eyes will become so focused on the ball they will actually be able to tell you what color and what number they are hitting.It does take time but it does actually work. Some players say it actually makes the ball appear to move slower thus improving their ability to hot a faster pitched ball.

Here is another [tag]softball hitting drill[/tag] the players really enjoy.   Pitch saltine crackers to the players to hit from about 20′ away. It takes a little bit of practice to learn how to get the crackers to fly consistently to the batter, but once you can, it’s a lot of fun. The crackers are not going to fly on the same plane every time, so they have to find it and then adjust to hit it.   It helps them keep their eye on the target and builds hand to eye coordination. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly they learn to find the smaller target.