Here are two [tag]free softball practice drills[/tag] to try with your teams. I have found very little on warm ups for pre-practice [tag]softball drills[/tag] yet they are very important especially in the younger players development.

My youth [tag]softball[/tag] team loves the drill of Bucket Knock Off.
We set up 2 buckets at home plate and have 3 players stand at pitcher’s mound. Give each of them 14 balls to throw at the bucket, 5 points for every time one of them knocked it over . It made them try so much harder and they could not get enough of it.

Here is the pre-practice routine that we use for the teams that I coach:

Each one of these are 10 reps each and the walks and jogs are between the foul line and 2nd base in the outfield
Arm Swings (hands behind head)
Side Bends
Trunk rotate (full upper body rotation)
Alternate toe touch
Leg Swing
Jog in place pump arms
The next drills are between foul line and second base in the outfield
Walk on toes
Straight leg kick
Knee hug
Butt kick
Lunge walk
Back pedal
High knee skip

I hope these give some ideas to pre-practice and pre-game work outs to get the body going.