If you’re looking for ideas for [tag]free softball practice drills[/tag] to use with your team, try the drills below.   They work on catchers, base running and [tag]pitcher[/tag]s—something for everyone.

Fishing the catcher–Put your infield in place.   Have a pitcher throwing to a catcher.   Have some baserunners rotate running from first base.   Out of the pitcher’s release, the baserunner at first takes an exceptional lead off (around 8 feet) just enough so that the catcher thinks she can throw her out.   As soon as the catcher attempts the throw to first we immediately turn and explode to second (going in with a slide).
*This seems to work well with younger age groups (10U, 12U)

Another [tag]softball[/tag] drill I use frequently is a 2-line base running drill. I love to use this to simulate nearly every base running scenario and do it in a 10 to 15 minute time window while getting decent base running conditioning in as well.

I have also used this same drill as practice for pitchers to work pick offs at each base as well by picking a base to go to, or putting a play on and having the runners react accordingly to a pick off move, then going through the sequence when the pitch is delivered home.