Becky, one of my subscribers, came up with some great suggestions for [tag]free softball practice drills[/tag]. Keep ‘em coming!Free Softball Practice Drills

From Becky…“Right to Left Rally”
I’m a J.V. [tag]softball[/tag] head coach and I find my girls too love this [tag]softball drill[/tag] and it works on conditioning/motivation vs. just running or doing bleachers; and it’s game to them for perfection.

You’ll need two coaches and two catchers.

All players start at right field, one [tag]softball coach[/tag] between 1st and home and one between 3rd and home. 3rd base coach hits a fly ball anywhere in moving position, not directly at them, then the player shoots (sprints!) over to left field while the 1st base coach hits them a hard grounder for them too scoop it or drop one knee.

Mean time the next softball player is up next. The drill is very fast and for very bad throw back to the catchers a lap of running at the end of practice is added, and for every nice catch a lap is taken away.

We call it right to left rally, because it’s mandatory for the girls to always rally each player as they come up next. When it’s time for game time the girls are very motivated and rally junkies.