We try to include some sort of competition in our [tag]softball practice[/tag] every day.   Try these [tag]free softball practice plans[/tag] to liven up your practices!

Here are some of the favorites:
Bunting Contests — we break into teams.   Each girl gets ten chances at the plate. If a pitch is in the zone and they don’t offer, it counts as one of their ten chances.   We make an arc from the third baseline to the first baseline about 15-20 feet from the plate.   If the bunt stays fair and behind the arc, they get a point.

Sometimes we’ll work on push bunts and rather than drawing the arc in the dirt, we place 2 sets of cones about 30 to 40 feet from the plate. One set between the rubber and 1st base about 10 feet apart, the other between the rubber and 3rd base (both sets just outside the circle).   Same basic game.   Ten tries, a point for each bunt pushed through the cone zone on either side of the rubber.

Another variation – each girl gets one or two tries.     Their success impacts the amount of running we do at the end of practice (e.g. 10 girls at 2 attempts each… 15 or more successful attempts we only run one lap as a team, 10-15 we run 2 laps, under 10 we run 3 laps).

We usually have girls waiting for turn doing other [tag]softball drills[/tag] so as to keep everyone working.