I received these suggestions for [tag]free softball training tips[/tag] from Larry .   These tips work for all   of your positions and players.Free Softball Training Tips

From Larry…
One of my favorite [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] for all ages is below:

I start out with a fishing net and a couple of 2x4s. I drill a hole in the 2x4s so that the fishing net can stand on its own.   I will have the net aprox. four feet high. I then use the net at different locations on the diamond.

What I have my kids do is divide up into teams. Then they will [tag]throw[/tag] the baseball from various locations on the diamond, and we make a game out of this. The idea behind this is to put the net say at first base, then have the [tag]fielders[/tag] throw to the net ( 1st base) it makes them work on accuracy. I also use it at different bases and maybe have the fielders throw from the outfield.

They get a kick out of trying to make it into the net, but more importantly they are working on a very important skill.