I received these [tag]free softball youth practice drills[/tag] from Heather, one of my subscribers. I’ve included it here for you to try!   Keep ’em coming!Free Softballl Youth Practice Drills

From Heather…
I am coaching a 9 and 10 year old [tag]softball[/tag] team and am new to the coaching bit although I have played softball for many years.   Here is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] that I am teaching girls that are just learning:

Set up the 6 infield players at their designated infield positions.   Since I have a fairly new pitcher, allow her to pitch 3 balls to a batter.   The remainder of the girls are also batters standing on the side.

Have one of the [tag]softball coach[/tag]es stand near the batter ready to bat the ball if the batter does not get a hit after three pitches.   Have another coach on the field directing the infield player as to the play.   Have two base coaches one at first and one at third to work with the batters on running during the session.

Start with the first batter and the infield ready for a play to first.   The batter gets three pitches, if after the first pitch they do not get a hit then the coach hits a random ball.   The infield has to field the ball, the batter runs to first when the ball gets hit by the coach and a play is made.   If the infielders do not get the runner out then let the runner stay on first.   The infield coach works with the girls on infield plays, the base coaches work with the runners, and the next batter gets up to bat.   Keep repeating the activity.

We go for about 25 minutes with this because we are teaching [tag]softball playing strategy[/tag] for plays and also base running.   Plus the girls get a chance to bat.   Once the 25 minutes of this group has batted then swap positions and let the batters become the infield and the infield go to bat.   This works well because everyone gets to learn an infield position but the drawback is somebody on the team may be put in a position that you really are not intending them to play but they are learning.   This usually happens at third base because at this age it is hard to find a strong person to be able to throw that far to first.   Anyway, I think it works well and you try question the girls to get them to think with each batter coming up to bat.