I received these suggestions for [tag]free youth softball drills[/tag] from Eddie and from Brenda. Thanks and keep them coming!Free Youth Softball Drills

From Eddie…

With the girls lined up at [tag]shortstop[/tag] and two coaches at first base we dump out a bucket of balls near the pitchers mound. We then set the bucket by the [tag]coach[/tag] at first base. The girls must run up one at a time and bare hand the ball and throw to first. Every good [tag]throw[/tag] gets put back in the bucket and with every bad throw another coach puts three more balls out for the girls. They must move fast and make all good throws to get rid of all the balls.

From Brenda…

Find It Drill (great [tag]softball[/tag] drill for [tag]catchers[/tag])
Have the player get in [tag]fielding position[/tag]. Coach stands behind the player. With a ball in each hand extend arms out to each side so player can barely see each ball. Toss 1 ball into the air, yell “now”, and get out of the way. The player needs to find the ball and catch it before it hits the ground.

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