These [tag]fun coaching drills for softball team[/tag] are ones I’ve used for high school [tag]softball[/tag]. These [tag]softball drills[/tag] are fun and effective and can be used with all ages.

Ball Line Drill

  • Break up half your team. One half goes to 3rd base and either put your 2nd baseman or shorts stop at 2nd.
  • The other half goes to home plate.
  • Place 3 softballs down the 3rd base line 5 feet apart.
  • On the blow of a whistle the player at home takes of for first and then second.
  • The player on third has to pick up the first ball and fire to 2nd   then the same with the next 2 balls. Making clean throws to 2nd base.
  • The object is the defense needs to make 3 clean throws to 2nd while the third throw has to have a tag put on the sliding runner at second as the player slides in.

Keep score to see who wins runners or throwers and then switch. At the end the team with the lowest points does sprints or whatever you select.

Open Barrel Outfield Drill

  • The [tag]softball coach[/tag] is at home plate with bat.
  • Team is split in half with 50% in left center and 50% in right center.
  • A barrel is put lying down with opening facing centerfield.
  • Coach hits up the middle.
  • The outfielders learn to loop to the base hit and come up throwing home and try to hit the opening of the barrel.
  • Again keep score etc.