Here are a couple of [tag]fun coaching drills for softball team[/tag] that I really like to do. My goal as a [tag]softball coach[/tag] is to teach the fundamentals and help the girls have fun.   If we win, it is a major plus, but certainly not the focus.

When I have girls that are afraid of the ball, or girls that don’t move their feet to the ball, I use this [tag]softball drill[/tag].   I put them, one at a time, up by home plate, facing the pitcher, and I   throw grounders to them.   I first throw them softer so they can get a feel of the ball, then I get harder and harder as the throws keep coming.   This teaches moving the feet to the [tag]softball[/tag], and the backstop catches the ones that get by, and it teaches soft hands for the balls that are hit, or thrown pretty hard.

When coaching j.v. high school softball, some of the girls have never played before, so their throwing and catching skills can use some help. I get a line of girls at second, and a line of girls at short. I get a catcher for both lines. I hit each line a grounder, and they have to field the ball perfectly and throw the ball back to the catcher perfectly for them to receive a point I go through each line about three times, and the line with the least points has to run or put away the equipment.

This really makes the girls focus on making good throws and good fielding.