I started using these [tag]fun coaching drills for softball team[/tag] with my 8-10 year old players and saw an improvement in just a couple of [tag]softball practice[/tag]s.

Put a player at 2nd base and one on short; divide the rest of the team in half and put half in right and the other half in left field.   Either throw or hit [tag]softball[/tag]s to the outfielders. Make the second baseman, or the short depending on what side of the field you have, hit to go out and be the cut off man and let the other cover second.

Rotate every player so they get a chance in the outfield and also in the infield positions.

Here is another [tag]softball drill[/tag] that can be used for indoor or outdoor softball practices.

Two player teams compete against each other in this fielding drill. The softball coach tries to hit ground balls past the two players who work as a team, attempting to catch the ground balls hit.   The area the two players cover is about the width of   the baseline of a basketball court.

After catching the ground ball the players must then make an accurate throw to a 3rd player or coach standing by the coach hitting the ground balls. (approx. 90 f t away) As players make errors they are eliminated.   Last team standing wins. Enjoy!