It is a good idea to offer a few fun softball drills to break the monotony of softball practices.   You’ll find the girls like these and waning interest or attention can be recaptured and the skills improve too!

Here is one softball drill that we use to work on quicker eye-hand coordination.

Pitcher Hot Potato: form a diamond around the pitchers mound with 4 players.   The players take turns throwing the ball from “hacky-sack style” from glove to glove.   This helps make sure they are watching the softball all the way into the glove.

Another drill that is well received is called Eights:
Team split in 2, lining up parallel to each other, 10’ apart. Each player is paired off with another player.

When we say “GO”, each pair has to catch/throw ball 8 times(to each other) and kneel down after both have thrown 8.   They have to beat the time of 14 sec or repeat again.

Keep doing until all pairs are eliminated.   Goal:   To throw & get ball out of glove quickly