Many coaches struggle with [tag]fun softball drills[/tag].   Here is one suggestion sent it from Steve and it has worked well.Fun Softball Drills

This is one of my favorite [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag].   We call it the Big Drill, Usually toward the end of practice.

A player standing on 1st, 2nd ,and 3rd. everybody else on the foul line in left. [tag]Coach[/tag] hitter has a coach catcher feed him 5 balls one at a time of course!
Player comes off of foul line to ready position. Coach hits a fly ball. Player catches and throws home. While player is running in towards third, coach hits a ground ball, player fields and flips to third Coach hits ground ball to SS position as player moves in that direction, player fields it and flips it to 2nd, while moving towards 2B position coach hits ground ball, player field it and throws to 1st. While moving toward 1B position coach hits one last ground ball, player fields it and throws to coach catcher. That player then stays at 1b and the others rotate toward left field. Coach pushes the player to move faster by hitting ahead of player.

Have the players at the bases hold the ball until the drill for that player is through, then throw to coach catcher. If player fails to field the ball, have them let it go and keep moving.

Great for conditioning, as well as fielding balls on the run. My Kids love this one!