Practice sounds as much of a chore as homework, but it be fun.   Just use fun softball practice drills your players really enjoy — and have a happy winning team!Fun Softball Practice Drills

Players are sure to enjoy [tag]fun softball practice drills[/tag] that mimic game situations’ competition and rivalry, but choose only those your players need.   Begin by using any of these drills.

Hitting Drills
Have batters hit easy pitches. As each pitch is made, call out a number or a color. Use 1 or red for no pulling allowed, 2 or blue for only pulling allowed, and 3 or red for only line drives allowed.   Part of the fun is guessing what the [tag]coach[/tag] will call!

Another use of color is to spray paint some balls red. Mix them with white balls in the machine. Tell batters to bunt the red and hit away the white balls. Change the number of red balls often so budding Mathematicians can’t out-guess the machine!

Have players run as well as hit by having each player bunt into one of three target zones.   Call the target zone as the pitch is made.   A player runs to the base determined by the target zone.   A player missing or fouling off must run all the way around.

Catching Drills
Fun [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] for fielders can have players rolling on the ground laughing — literally! Stand in right-center field with a bucket of balls while players — with their gloves – form a line behind the fair line at first base. Tell players they’ll have to run from first to second while they catch balls you’ll throw.

Throw a line drive for the first player to catch.   When the player runs, toss a second ball in front of her.   She must catch that ball as well as a third ball you hurl as a high pop fly out.   The player then goes to the back of the line as the [tag]drill[/tag] continues.

Another drill which will have players laughing is ‘blind tossing.’   A player runs when you shout ‘go’ and tries to locate and catch a ball you toss over her head.

Throwing Drills
Throwing relays can be a lot of fun as well as good warm up exercises. Form teams of three or four scattered over the field.   Players number off, and then you tell them to throw from 1 to 2 to 3 and back to 1, or any variation you choose.   The winning team is the first to complete 3 or four cycles of the ball.

Another [tag]fun[/tag] drill you could use as a warm up exercise is having players throw to each other or into a target container from their knees.   Accuracy is essential!

Surprise them!

Don’t forget the emphasis in ‘Fun softball practice drills’ is on the fun.   If there’s fun, players will forget they’re doing drills!   Use different drills each practice, and try to use different forms of drills.   When they play a game, your players won’t be surprised by anything.