Dave came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]girls slow pitch softball drills[/tag].   Try this to break up the routine in your next [tag]practice[/tag]!Girls Slow Pitch Softball Drills

From Dave…
This works with the JV team, 16u & 14u teams. I call it “best [tag]outfielder[/tag]”.

I set up a sock net or hitting net just to the third base side of home plate. The coach stands near home plate and hits flys or grounders to right field. Every player takes their turn one at a time in this [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].

The idea is the girls must cleanly field the ball and throw it into the net (crow hop), one or two bounces depending on how deep the player is. Any miscue the player must sit down. When you get to the last player standing, they also must complete a [tag]clean play[/tag] or it starts all over again.

The winner gets bragging rights, ice cream certificate, etc… The banter and [tag]competition[/tag] can get wild and fun, especially if a infielder wins. You can also do this with a twist, “best infielder”. The players set up at the short stop position and then must cleanly [tag]field[/tag] and throw the ball to the first basemen.

The [tag]coach[/tag] is the judge of what a clean play is, you can emphasize that certain mechanics must be done correctly. This is a favorite of the girls, it’s fun and breaks up the routine.