These [tag]girls softball beginner drills[/tag] will work well if you’re coaching girls and players who have varying abilities.

We try to work a healthy amount of conditioning into our [tag]softball practice[/tag], so after warm-ups, we have them take 2 laps around the field, while cradling a [tag]softball[/tag]. It kills two birds with one stone, and forces them to cradle properly or they will spend much time chasing dropped balls. It also shows the [tag]softball coach[/tag]es, at a glance, which players need more work on cradling.

Swing Drill: have your players use a smaller and lighter bat than usual. Using the back arm only, have the player make full swings; it reinforces the importance of rotating the hips and shoulders.

To get a batter with happy feet to stand still, have them stand on a board (like a 1×6) when batting in practice. It will help them concentrate on their feet until they get that muscle memory we all talk about.