If you’re searching for some fresh ideas for [tag]girls softball drills[/tag], try the ones below. The players always enjoy new drills!

Here is a fielding drill I do with my outfielders to help them find ball off the bat quicker.
1) Outfielders with back to infield about 20 yards from coach.
2) Coach tosses a fly ball to either left or right of player.
3) Coach gives command of “Ball, Ball!”
4) The outfielder turns and finds ball then sprints to make catch.

* Make sure the toss is high enough for your player to make the catch then you can decrease height of toss as players become familiar/better with drill. 5-10 reps for each outfielder.

Hitting: Foam Golf Ball Drill
We use yellow hard foam golf ball for a hitting station in [tag]softball[/tag] practice. They can be purchased at any large retail store, and the come in a bag of 24. Down on one knee out in front of the batter I bounce the ball into the “contact zone.” The smaller ball makes the batter concentrate on the ball and teaches a quick, compact swing.

Optional: To increase difficulty replace bat with a piece of 1” or 1 ½” PVC bat length capped on both ends. Create several PVC bats and experiment with filling them with various materials to add weight.