These are some of the [tag]girls softball drills[/tag] sent in by Larry and by Vicki.   Try them out with your team tonight!Girls Softball Drills
Larry has a [tag]drill[/tag] he calls Wildcat – I’m sure there are many variations.
We start with a line of girl’s on first base and a line of girls at home.
The girls at the plate hit a pitch that the [tag]coach[/tag] has soft tossed to her as hard as she can; she takes off running and touches as many bases as she can before the girl in line at at first can run and pick up the ball.
The way you score is by how many bases you touch before the ball is picked up.
Great [tag]softball[/tag] conditioning drill and the players don’t even realize it. A fun way to end practice. We give incentives for the winner – Less conditioning or something like that.
From Vicki…

My girls love the following drill (we don’t   have a name for it):
One player at 3rd base and one player at shortstop.  
The rest of the girls create 2 lines at 2nd base (one line for runners and one for fielders).   The coach hits a ground ball to the shortstop, while at the same time the runner takes off from 2nd to 3rd.   Shortstop must field the ball and throw to 3rd baseman who applies the tag to the runner who is sliding.  
We use this drill for practicing the tag, fielding a ball with a runner next to you, and sliding.   We rotate like this:   shortstop goes to 3rd, 3rd to running line, runner to fielding line.