Mayble and Dan came up with some great suggestions for [tag]girls softball coaching tips[/tag].   Keep ‘em coming!
Girls Softball Coaching Tips
From Mayble…
At the end of practice we use a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] called 25.
It is intended to keep the focus on the task at hand.

The starting infield without the [tag]pitcher[/tag] take their positions the [tag]coach[/tag] will hit a grounder to the 3rd baseman who fields it then throws to the 2nd baseman.   She then throws it to the shortstop who then throw it to the 1st baseman. She in turn throws to the [tag]catcher[/tag]. Each catch is counted as one.   The object is to make 25 good throws and catches.   After they get the idea you can throw in a timed goal to enhance the skills.   The outfielders and the pitchers help by counting and cheering for the others.

From Dan…
Here is one that I thought was a winner with the young girls.

As a man they tend to look up to you as a father figure so the one thing that worked for me was compassion or an open ear. Just to look the young girls directly in the eye when they are talking makes a world of difference. They know you actually care what they are saying and the response afterward is 10 fold on the field.

Eye contact and listen!