This idea for [tag]girls softball practice drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Leanne.   This is a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that can work well for all ages!Girls Softball Practice Drills

From Leanne…
I would like to share a game that we play at [tag]training[/tag].

You start a [tag]runner[/tag] at home plate. You hit the ball to a full [tag]infield[/tag] and they get one point for every throw that they make. The more throws the more points they get. They can throw home any time they like but they can not get the runner out at home until he has past third base. If they don’t get the runner out the runners team gets the points.

A few simple rules–the [tag]fielding[/tag] team can not throw the ball back to the fielder who threw the ball to them.
They are not allowed to throw to the [tag]catcher[/tag] until the runner is past third base and the throw must come from a base man so that the final throw can not come from the mound.
They must not hold the ball for more than a second. The running team will count the seconds that the fielder has the ball.
The smart running team will try and make the fielding team throw the ball just as they are about to round third base causing the fielding team to catch and throw to home plate.