While coaching [tag]high school softball[/tag], we would always complete a [tag]defensive softball drill[/tag] called “21” the day before each game.   It is a very simple concept in which you place the starting line-up on the field to begin the first inning.

Using a fungo bat to hit the ball, I would create situations by having the team complete 7 innings and recording 21 outs.   I would always make substitutions as desired and could work on bunt coverages, double plays, relays, sure doubles, etc.   Extra players were used as baserunners as I hit the [tag]softball[/tag] where desired to create a specific situation.

You could make the [tag]softball drill[/tag] last as long as you wanted depending on the number of situations or substitutions you needed to review.

For this drill, I wanted to develop confidence among the players in making routine plays and the knowledge to effectively handle various situations.   The kids loved the drill because it simulated a real game and was very face paced.