Randy in Worcester emailed me looking for advice on [tag]high school softball drills[/tag].   Here’s a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] sent in by Bill.High School Softball Drills

This is an [tag]outfield[/tag] drill about catching flies as well as charging or blocking balls hit in the gap.

This drill has no throwing just similated throws.

Have 1 outfielder out there catching & fielding balls hit to him.

Simulate the throw home or to a base.

Have other outfielders lined up every 25 feet or so all the way to the hitter.

Relay the ball home & save the arm but get lots of flies & grounders.

After 10 balls the fielder sprints home to hitter & becomes the catcher &   everyone else moves up.

Great drill for outfield work.