This is one of our favorite [tag]high school softball drills[/tag].   The varsity girls and the coaches like it because it allows the [tag]softball coach[/tag]es to get involved at the end.

We play a game called “Thunder”.   Split your squad up into two equal teams (randomly). One team hits first from a tee at home plate, the other team splits up with half to 1B and half to 3B.

The team at bat hits in order from the tee.   They may hit anywhere on the field.   Once they hit the [tag]softball[/tag], the hitter runs the bases.   Once the ball is hit off of the tee, the team in the field sends 1 “runner” from both 1B and 3B to touch the ball as fast as they can.   Once both players have touched the ball, the hitter stops and you count the total number of bases that she got to before both players touched the ball.

Keep track of the total number of bases once everyone has hit and then bring in the fielding team to hit and send the hitters out to 1B and 3B to field.

The team with the most total bases after a set number of innings is the winner.   To get the coaches involved, assign a coach to each team and let them hit last for each team and run the bases.   This is a fun and competitive   [tag]softball drill[/tag] game that your players love!