Dan, one of my subscribers, came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]high school softball practice drills[/tag].   Keep ‘em coming!High School Softball Practice Drills

From Dan…
I just wanted to let you know about the [tag]softball drill[/tag] we use-form throwing we do here at my High School.

First we start with our normal throwing routine but at the end of the routine I like to do what’s called position specific throwing.

So, for example, the pitchers would throw using their motion; the outfielder would simulate a fly ball catch with a throw, the catchers would actually take it to the field and work on throwing to the bases, and finally the infielders would simulate fielding a ground ball and throwing.

We have a simple strategy here.   We don’t do anything that doesn’t simulate a game situation.   Everything is done with a purpose even our [tag]softball[/tag] throwing routine.