In this softball hitting video, Sue Enquist (12-time NCAA champ at UCLA) breaks down a brutal swing flaw many young hitters suffer from, and reveals some easy drills to fix it right away. (NOTE: for the complete 40 minute video, including instructions to diagnose and fix 17 of the most common softball hitting problems, check out the Softball Hitting Mechanics online video clinic

This “flaw” is probably the #1 reason players struggle at the plate, but 8 out of 10 coaches will never even see it.

Know what it is?


If you can’t see the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, you’ll have a hard time judging it’s spin, trajectory, and quality… and you’ll have a really hard time deciding to swing or not. Check out these suggested drills and let me know what you think. Or… if you have your own favorite drill for improving vision, put it in the comments section below.

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