Take a look at this submission from Brenda.   A great [tag]softball hitting drill[/tag] for [tag]hitting slow pitch softball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Hitting Slow Pitch Softball

From Brenda…
I coach a 16U team and my biggest concern is playing as a team. I’ve recruited girls from all over and they all play [tag]high school softball[/tag] and we only have 3 to 4 weeks to get it together for our summer tournaments.

At my first practice we do a [tag]softball drill[/tag] which determines the batting order for the day. Play leap frog in the outfield spelling words that encourage them to think and work together, words like softball, commitment, and teamwork etc… If you miss a letter or don’t yell it loud enough for the other players your out, last 3 start hitting practice and the rest follow.

This game(drill) is fun and sometime it ends up being a laugh fest but when they get the competitive spirit they get a lot closer and communicate better on the field. Teamwork and communication are one of the keys in making a good team great. I’ve also done this drill in the middle of infield when things become stale or we start making mental errors just to mix things up and to let them know that [tag]softball[/tag] should be fun and not to be so concerned about perfection and to let the game happen and do what comes natural—play the game.