I’m often asked for [tag]hitting tips for slow pitch softball[/tag].   Here are a couple of [tag]drills[/tag] sent to me by Nef and by James that will pay huge dividends with your team.Hitting Tips for Slow Pitch Softball

From Nef…
I don’t have a name for this [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], but it’s a [tag]bunting[/tag] drill.

Equipment: 4 cones, strike zone pitching machine, safety balls, and bat.

Instructions:   place 2 cones on third baseline and 2 more on first baseline two feet apart.

They are given 20 pitches to [tag]bunt[/tag].
For every ball bunted in targeted area   a point is given.
Make it a competition.
Be sure they are using proper technique
Advanced drill: signal to them first base line or third baseline.

From James…
This is a   [tag]hitting[/tag] drill we do with our 10-12 yr. olds, after soft toss & 2 ball soft toss.   We have a [tag]coach[/tag] stand on a bucket and drop balls, then the coach stands on the ground and drops the ball.

We have found this very effective in increasing bat & hand speed through the hitting zone.