Keith suggested this idea for a [tag]how to softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].   I’ve included it for you below.How to Softball

Here’s one I do when I find a player not finishing his [tag]swing[/tag] when he is at bat during a game. I find many kids at [tag]softball[/tag] practice completing a swing, then during a game not staying loose and following through when they make contact with the ball.
First we do 15 to 20 soft toss into the back stop, looking at proper stance, grip, swing, body core rotation.   Then I get a playground ball, or a volleyball and soft toss it.   The idea–I want the batter to feel the ball on his bat and swing and rotate his energy through the ball. The contact at first will want them to stop their bat, then they will begin to put more power and speed in their swing and feel the bat driving though ball, completing their swing and rotation.
Its new and exiting for them, then I find other kids asking to do the same drill.