I’m often asked for fresh ideas for [tag]drills[/tag] on [tag]how to throw a softball[/tag]. Here’s one that Keith sent to me that will pay huge dividends with your team.How to Throw a Softball

From Keith…
I work mostly with girls under the age of 10. It is very hard to keep their interest in [tag]practice[/tag] but one of the best [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]throwing[/tag] drills we do, is called the bucket [tag]drill[/tag].

Once the girls have warmed up and practiced throwing correctly, playing a game of [tag]catch[/tag] not miss we play the bucket game. This game helps work on [tag]accuracy[/tag].

Break the players into two teams and set up two buckets, one for each team to [tag]throw[/tag] at. The length of the this drill can vary depending on the level of players you have.

You let the players play until 21. They get 1 point for hitting the bucket on the bounce and 2 for hitting it in air. Real young kids you might only want to play to 10.