It has been a rainy [tag]softball[/tag] season and we have had to practice inside quite a bit.   I actually like an inside [tag]softball practice[/tag] once in a while. This is one of the [tag]indoor softball drills[/tag] I recently came up with that conditions and makes players field under pressure.

Using the full length of the gym divide the girls into two equal teams and split each team in half so that half of each team is at the opposite ends of the gym.Indoor Softball Drills

This [tag]softball drill[/tag] is set up like a shuffle relay except each team has to transfer a whiffle ball instead of tag hands.   The first round is a simple short toss to the team mate who must wait behind the out of bounds line to recieve the ball.   The losing team must do push ups, sit ups or some other conditioner.

The second race has the runner sprinting to the half court line and on the run they throw a HARD ground ball to their waiting team mate who must field the ball cleanly from behind the line before running their leg of the race.   This is where the pressure comes from, players who hurry their fielding will mishandle the softball and they need to focus on fielding the ball first before running. I see really fast teams lose because they are in too much of a hurry to take off instead of taking care of the ball first.

In the third race they run to half court and throw a pop up aimed at their team mate who must catch the ball in the air and then take off running.   The last leg of the race runs to the half court line to finish the contest.

The girls enjoy the competition and fun the racing provides and they get their conditioning in.   At the end of a couple of rounds I make sure every one has done the minimum amount of push ups and sit ups required for the practice.   If they have not, I have them make up the difference.   Usually they have them in or even more.