My girls absolutely love this softball drill.   These are indoor softball drills that many of us need this time of year when the first two to three weeks are often spent inside.   We call this one the Mat Drill.

Pair two girls up, one on each end of the gym.   Most gyms have a mat on the wall on each end of the gym.   One team starts with the ball (an inside ball and the team to start is decided by the softball coach).   That team takes the ball, and has the full court on their end from the baseline to the volleyball line on the court (usually near the top of the key).

They throw the ball to the other two girls at the other end in anyway they can, hard, soft, bounce, however they wish.   The object is to try to get it past them and have the ball hit the mat.   If the ball hits the mat (gets past the two girls, they are out, and the next two are up).   If the ball bounces off the wall, and goes past the line by the top of key, the other team gets it.   The team is out if the ball hits the mat in any way, shape, or form.

I usually divide the teams up half and half.   Reward for the group of teams that outlast the others can be anything a coach wants to come up with for incentive.   This softball drill helps them work on throwing accuracy and fielding both at the same time.