Mike and Allen, two of my subscribers,  came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]indoor softball practice drills[/tag].  Keep ‘em coming!Indoor Softball Practice Drills

From Mike…
[tag]Softball tip[/tag] when working out inside. the kids love this silly [tag]indoor softball drill[/tag] when we practice inside on the artificial turf at our local indoor practice facility. I place a [tag]softball[/tag] about the distance from home to first base. the player, on go runs in her stocking feet, performs a slide comes up to her feet picks up the ball turns steps and throws. In a small indoor facility, they sprint ,they slide, and turn step and through. The kids giggle and laugh when learning some fundamentals

From Allen…
A [tag]softball drill[/tag] that I have had the most success with is to teach the outfielders to back up the infield and for the infielders to be looking for the ball coming in from the outfield.

So what we do, for example, is get a short stop and left fielder in place and split our kids in each line. We then hit a softball to the short stop, if she misses the grounder the kid playing left field is right there to backing her up. Then we hit a ball to left field, the short stop then plays the cut off. We have an 8u team and this really helps the outfield understand that no matter where the ball is hit they have someone to back up our to be in a position where they can help out on a play.

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