Looking for [tag]indoor softball practice drills[/tag]? You’ve come to the right place! Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.Indoor Softball Practice Drills

From Patrick…
Here is a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] for you-
Corner Relay Drill

This is for indoor practices. The [tag]coach[/tag] stands in the middle of the gym facing one corner. The Outfielders are lined up along the side of the gym (the wall) and their movement will be toward the same corner the coach is facing. All [tag]infielders[/tag] are in the opposite corner behind the coach.

The drill is simple. It starts with the [tag]coach[/tag] rolling a ball toward the corner. The [tag]outfielder[/tag] either tries to get in front of the ball to field it or he plays it off the wall working on the proper techniques and footwork. The outfielder then comes up [tag]throwing[/tag] to the infielder (cut off man)in the opposite corner. In this part the outfielder should work on hitting the relay man on the glove side and the infielder works on receiving the ball, and his body movement. The ball is then returned to the coach in the middle. This should be a fairly quick drill. Maybe someone should be [tag]catching[/tag] the returned balls to the coach.

This drill can then be modified for the outfielders so they can also work on their backhands and their reverse spin after catching the ball.