Christopher in Ontario, Canada emailed me to ask about [tag]indoor softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag].   I copied this softball drill that was sent to me recently.   Keep em coming!Indoor Softball

From Gregorio…
This [tag]drill[/tag] is for [tag]indoor[/tag] – Two Wall Fielding Drill:
1.   Set up- you will need two walls with boxes, which serve as throwing targets; a drop down base.
2.   One player starts as the [tag]fielder[/tag] and the second player will be about 10-15 feet away and facing each other.
3.   The second fielder has the ball and will [tag]throw[/tag] it to the first fielder, who should be practicing good habits by giving a chest high [tag]catching[/tag] target(“Thumb to Thumb”).
4.     The fielder will catch the ball and throw it toward the box target. The ball will rebound off the wall and come directly to the fielder who will now field the grounder.   The key is to use good throwing and fielding fundamentals.
5.   After [tag]fielding[/tag] grounder, the fielder will now turn and using good footwork, he/she will run towards second wall target and give an accurate underhand toss. The fielder should display follow through with the “shake the hand” feed. After underhand toss, the fielder should turn and run to cover the base by straddling and being in front of the base. At the same time the second fielder will run from the drill line and field the underhand toss, which is rebounding off the wall and throw it to the next man in the drill line. Good fielding fundamentals are evident by giving a good throwing and fielding targets and displaying smooth footwork. Also, the tag should be straight down to the base and then fielder should pull up real quick to show the umpire. Do not let them use that fancy “sweep” tagging motion, which takes time and may confuse poorer ability umpires.

This drill is very effective and will keep the line moving and also will have the kids working on the following: footwork, accuracy on their throws and covering the base the right way.