James and Mark sent these [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] and tips to me.  They relate to [tag]little league drills[/tag] and include some great tips you can begin using with your team right away.Little League Drills

From James…

We have soft toss races.  The girls pair off.  One girl is the tosser. The other is the hitter. Once the batter hits the ball, the teammates race to where the whiffle ball (we usually employ the golf ball size ball) and switch roles and continue to a designated spot in the outfield and then race back. It not only gives them a chance to take practice swings, it adds a competitive element and is excellent for [tag]conditioning[/tag].

From Mark…

Tip (T-Ball):  With no gloves on, have the kids play short toss with tennis balls.  It not only helps the hand-eye coordination for catching, but the will automatically use both hands, so it reinforces that as well.  As always, it helps to get parents involved too.  More eyes on the kids helping them and they can then work on the drills at home with the kids since they know how and why.

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