Outfielders practice throwing to the relay person after a ball gets past them.


Player lines up 10-15 feet from the outfield fence. The coach is about 10 feet in front of them.
A relay person stands at a good relay depth.


  1. The coach rolls the ball past the outfielder to the wall/fence.
  2. The outfielder turns, runs, and gets the ball.
  3. The outfielder should make an accurate throw to the relay person.
  4. Repeat the drill and exchange positions.

Coaching Tips:

  • The outfielder should field the ball with her weight on the back foot.
  • The outfielder should get the ball with her glove and throwing hand, not picking the ball up barehanded.
  • The outfielder’s front shoulder should be pointed directly at the target when throwing;
    a good throw will land at the height of the relay person’s head or chest.