I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for drills and tips for [tag]outfield conditioning for softball[/tag]. Here are three great [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] sent in by Catherine.   Keep em coming!Outfield Conditioning for Softball

From Catherine…
Knock Out
The girls love this at the end of [tag]practice[/tag].   Line all the players along the infield grass and hit the ball randomly at them.   If they call it and drop it, they are out.   Play until there is one left.   The winner gets to sit out of [tag]running[/tag] at the end of practice.

Relay Throw
2 lines with about 4 girls spread across the [tag]outfield[/tag].   The first girl in each line has a ball.   On ‘Go’, they turn to [tag]throw[/tag] to the next in line and so on until they reach the last girl.   You can time it or just run it as a [tag]relay[/tag].   Sometime I have them throw in a U form and keep adding a ball to the first girl.   Last girl drops them in a bucket.

Star Drill
Start slow.   [tag]Catcher[/tag] throws to SS who throws to 1B who throws to 3B who throws to 2B who throws to Catcher and starts all over again.   I keep adding a ball as they get better until they have 4 balls going at once.