This idea for an [tag]outfield softball drill[/tag] was sent to me by Cindy. It is one you can do [tag]indoors[/tag] and see   great results for your team.   Check out the 3-girl bunt [tag]drill[/tag] sent in by Bill.   Both of these will enhance your team’s performance…no question about it!Outfield Softball Drills

From Cindy…
I like doing a [tag]throwing[/tag] [tag]relay[/tag] that focuses on a drop step methodology.   This works great in a gym.

Divide the girls into even groups and then spread them across the gym.   The first girl, on the word go, bounces the ball off the wall to give herself a grounder, she then fields it, and drop steps her[tag]throw[/tag] to the glove side of the next girl and so on to the last girl in line and then they bring it back to the first.     We then rotate the players and repeat the drill so each player gets the chance to be the defender off the wall.

The keys here are the quick, drop step [tag]pivot[/tag], throwing to the glove side, and receiving the ball in a throw ready position.

From Bill…
One of my favorite [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] is the 3-girl bunt drill.
2 throwers,each with a ball,1 batter.
Rotate who pitches and the [tag]bunter[/tag] must [tag]bunt[/tag] the ball back to
the one who pitched it.